A message for you :)

Hi guys, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for following me. This is a site that I am hoping will undergo rapid growth and soon become monetized (don’t worry I won’t sell out or recommend bad books) via affiliate links. This is a passion project and I wanted to show myContinue reading “A message for you :)”

When Breath Becomes Air by P.Kalanithi

This is a must-read for everyone who wants to understand what it’s like to face your mortality at a young age. Dr. Kalanithi died aged 37 in March 2015. He survived only a year post-diagnosis of stage IV metastatic lung cancer. The book is essentially Paul reminiscing about his life, his youth, and his love.Continue reading “When Breath Becomes Air by P.Kalanithi”

The Butchering Art by Dr. Fitzharris

“God Help you all. What will become of you?” John Abernathy, surgeon, would often conclude his lectures to medical students with this statement This is going to be another long-form post ;). But I will put the conclusion first to save you time if you don’t want detail. ~ Ferdous Conclusion Okay, so I enjoyedContinue reading “The Butchering Art by Dr. Fitzharris”

This Is Going To Hurt by A.Kay

I feel a bit nervous because this is my first real post but I am going to try. It will be a long-form post but I will put the conclusion first to save you time if you just want the verdict. Hope you enjoy ;)! ~ Ferdous Conclusion If you’re considering becoming a doctor (90%Continue reading “This Is Going To Hurt by A.Kay”

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